IPDC Finance together with BMW has launched an Auto Loan campaign with exciting offers! Now you can purchase a BMW car at a discounted price and get an attractive loan rate.


Q.1 What is the campaign all about?

A: IPDC is partnering with BMW for providing Auto Loan to the potential buyers for buying the BMW’s car in Bangladesh.

Q.2 How long the campaign will be in operation?

A: The campaign will be launched on the 17th of April 2022, and end on the 31st of May 2022.

Q.3 What are the price of BMW X3, BMW X1 and BMW The 5-car models in BDT?


Model Current Starting price
BMW X1 BDT 8,200,000
BMW X3 BDT 12,700,000
BMW The 5 BDT 12,700,000

Q.4 What is the maximum loan amount that will be provided by IPDC?

A: *85% of the total price of Car.

Q.5 What is the processing fee for car Loan

A: *25% waiver on the processing fee

Q.6 What is the interest rate for this campaign?

A: Interest rate starts from *8.50%

Q.7 What is the maximum duration of the repayment of the total loan?

A: 06 years.

Q.8 What is the minimum duration of the repayment of the total loan?

A: 01 Year

Q.9 For further inquiries about Loan, contact the following Number.

Mamunur Rahman, Regional sales Head.
Phone: 01708515165

Toricul Hasan, Regional sales Head.
Phone: 01777798542

Q.10 For further inquiries about Cars, contact the following Numbers:

Abdur Rahman, AGM Sales
Executive Motors
Phone: 01720047722