World Doctor’s Day Campaign


4th March – 30th April


Fixed Deposit –
Min. 12 months tenure






BDT 14,000

BDT 16,000

BDT 20,000


1. Who will be eligible for Doctor’s Day Campaign

- Any doctor depositing BDT 3 Million for atleast 12 months in Time Deposit schemes will be eligible for this campaign.

2. What is the minimum deposit amount under this campaign?

  • Under this campaign, a customer only has to deposit minimum BDT 3 Million to get a coupon
  • With a minimum of BDT 3 million deposit, customer can get coupon worth BDT 14,000
  • With a minimum of BDT 5 million deposit, customer can get coupon worth BDT 16,000
  • With a minimum of BDT 10 million deposit, customer can get coupon worth BDT 20,000

3. What can the coupons be used for?

  • The complimentary coupons from Go Zayaan can be used for 1 night staycation at Bhawal Resort & Spa, Sarah Resort along with 300+ hotels and resorts across Bangladesh. The coupons can also be used for domestic & international flights.
  • Moreover, customer can also avail coupon from The Palace Luxury Resort for an equivalent cash discount.

3. How long do I have to keep the deposit at IPDC for this campaign?

- Under the campaign, you have to deposit the amount for a minimum of 12 months.

4. What is the duration of the campaign?

- The campaign will run from 4th March 2022 till 30th April 2022

5. For how long will the coupon remain valid?

- The coupon will remain valid till 31st October 2022.

6. What if I want to encash the deposit before 1 year

- As per Bangladesh Bank guidelines, customer can not encash within 3 months of depositing. If a customer wants to encash before maturity, penalty charges as per policy will be applicable.

7. When can I get the coupon after depositing?

- After your account is opened, your Relationship Manager from IPDC will hand over the coupon within 7 working days.



Terms & Conditions

  • This campaign is applicable for both Retail Business and Business Finance (Corporate, MME & SCF).
  • This campaign is valid for all time deposit products (FDR-Gen, APS, QPS, CPS, MPS).
  • In case of premature encashment, applicable penalty on payable interest will be deducted as per policy.
  • The coupons will be redeemable till 31st October 2022.
  • For deposit of BDT 10,000,000 or above, a customer will receive only one coupon worth BDT 20,000.
  • This campaign is applicable for NTB & ETB.