Tamara Hasan Abed
Tamara Hasan Abed
Nominated Director, BRAC

Ms. Tamara Hasan Abed is a member of Board Audit Committee of IPDC. Tamara Hasan Abed, currently Senior Director, BRAC Enterprises, has also been appointed as the Managing Director of BRAC Enterprises effective from August 1, 2019. Ms. Abed has been heading BRAC's 13 social enterprises, including Aarong, BRAC Dairy and BRAC Seed & Agro Enterprise, since 2014. Ms. Abed is also Senior Director, BRAC Enterprises and heads BRAC’s 16 social enterprises including Aarong, BRAC Dairy and BRAC Seed & Agro Enterprise. Tamara is part of BRAC’s Executive Management Committee. Ms. Abed also serves on the Boards of BRAC EPL Investments, BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage, edotco Bangladesh and BRAC Tea Estates. Ms. Abed is also on the Board of Trustees of BRAC University and Chairs the Board Finance Committee. Ms. Abed chairs the Board of BRAC Services Ltd. and is the Executive Trustee of Ayesha Abed Foundation. Ms. Abed served on the Board of Directors of BRAC Bank for eight years from 2008-2016.

Ms. Abed began her career in 1995 at Peregrine Capital Ltd, a Hong Kong-based investment bank, in Dhaka in corporate finance. Her experience exposed her to leading private sector companies in Bangladesh, including Pacific Bangladesh Telecom, ACI and Rahimafrooz, dealing with raising equity and restructuring. After Peregrine, Ms. Abed joined BRAC's Urban Development Programme, mobilising slum-based women entrepreneurship groups. Simultaneously, Ms. Abed started her entrepreneurial venture through a cafe. Later Ms. Abed moved to New York and worked in Goldman Sachs in Mergers and Strategic Advisory. Ms. Abed joined Aarong in 2002 as General Manager, Design and Product Development and later took charge of the Export Division of Aarong and started the Marketing Department. In 2005, Ms. Abed was promoted as the Head of Aarong and Ayesha Abed Foundation. Under her leadership, Aarong has gone from strength to strength, celebrating 40 years in 2018 as Bangladesh's most popular lifestyle retail chain. From BOT 123 Crores annual sales in 2005, when Ms. Abed started leading Aarong, it has delivered solid, year-on-year revenue growth. The sales turnover is expected to reach BOT 1,000 Crores in 2019. Ms. Abed has been instrumental in driving the expansion of Aarong to 21 national outlets, multiple brands, e- commerce and digital platforms. With a keen sense of design and consumer insights, Ms. Abed launched 'Taaga', 'Taaga Man', and 'Herstory' connecting the younger generation of the country with the pride of Bangladeshi craftsmanship. In 2006, Ms. Abed was given charge of BRAC Dairy and since then has built a strong team to take the dairy business to new heights. BRAC Dairy is currently the third-largest dairy processor in Bangladesh with a diverse portfolio of products.

Ms. Abed has represented Bangladesh globally and was honoured by the World Economic Forum as a 'Young Global Leader' in 2010. Ms. Abed also represented Bangladesh during the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship in Washington in 2010. Ms. Abed is an Asia 21 Young Leader. Ms. Abed received the Outstanding Women Leadership Award from the World Women Leadership Congress in 2014. Tamara Abed holds an MBA in Finance from Columbia University and was inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma honour society for her distinctive academic achievements. Ms. Abed completed her BSC in Economics from the London School of Economics.

Tamara Abed brings with her extensive experience in investment banking, entrepreneurship and social enterprise, with a career spanning over two decades across diverse sectors. Leading by example, Ms. Abed has carved a respectful position as a senior leader in traditionally male- dominated industries and has inspired more women to come forward and make a mark. Ms. Abed is passionate about driving value-based business models, operating at the intersection of social good, sustainable business and inclusive growth.