Md Afzalur Rashid
Md Afzalur Rashid
Chief Technology Officer

Md Afzalur Rashid is the Chief Technology Officer at IPDC Finance limited. He is a FinTech expert with over 24 years of experience who can think ‘out of the box’.

A proven transformational leader in large, complex, and global organizations, he is adaptive and has a diverse portfolio of working with financial businesses. Expert in Java and Java EE, as well as database analysis and design, he is a Sun-certified computer graduate who is results-driven, customer-focused, articulate, and analytical. He is capable of producing business plans, requirements specifications, and system architectural designs.

As a FinTech expert, he is proficient in FinTech design, development, and implementation, as well as the creation of custom solutions for major platforms. He has extensive experience as a Chief Technology Officer and Chief Software Architect, having worked for several firms around the world.


Prior to being the CTO of IPDC Finance Limited, he was the CTO of Dmoney Bangladesh Limited, where he directly oversaw software development and SQA for the Digital Payment System for many banks. He has worked with product development teams in a fast-paced setting to create world-class mobile banking and payments applications. Additionally, he managed Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Thailand offices as Chief Technology Officer for ITA Inc. in Japan. He also served as senior vice president of software engineering at Progoti Systems, where he oversaw strategic planning for the development of new products and technologies, excelled at understanding client requirements, and aided the business team with project estimation and planning.


He is responsible for articulating the company's technological vision, implementing technology strategies, and ensuring that the company's technological resources are matched with its business goals.