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03 Aug
August 3, 2017

AA1 and ST-1 is the new credit rating for IPDC Finance Limited

IPDC Finance Limited, the first financial institution of Bangladesh established in 1981, has been awarded with the prestigious rating, AA1 in the long term and ST-1 in short term from Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh (CRAB). AA1 (long-term rating) affirms IPDC's strong capacity to meet its financial commitments. ST-1 (short-term rating) which is the highest in this category, underlines the strongest liquidity position and ability to make timely repayments.

Mominul Islam, Managing Director and CEO, IPDC Finance Limited said “Being the first ever financial institution in the country, IPDC has played a pivotal role in reshaping the industry with innovative financial products and services. This achievement reflects the incessant guidance of the strongest Board of Directors and the dedication of our dynamic management team.”

About IPDC Finance Limited

IPDC Finance Limited (previously known as "Industrial Promotion and Development Company of Bangladesh Limited") was founded and established by a distinguished group of shareholders namely Government of Bangladesh (Ministry of Industries and Ministry of Finance), International Finance Corporation (IFC), USA, German Investment and Development Company (DEG), Germany, The Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED), Switzerland, and Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC), UK. From the very inception, IPDC on record has been playing an instrumental role in building up the nation when it was in the phase of dire need. Yet again IPDC emerged to rise to the latent demands of the people, when the nation witnesses an era of exponential growth, which were least expected from any financial institution so far. It’s acting as a catalyst for expansion of industrial, commercial and educational sectors’. BRAC, the largest non-governmental organization of the world came in the picture as the major shareholder of IPDC Finance Limited. Subsequently, IPDC formulated a long-term strategy considering the challenges and opportunities posed by the Bangladesh economy in next few years. IPDC has realigned their focus on nationwide spread with diversified services to steer up its next phase of growth. To become the most passionate financial brand in the country with special focus on youth, women and underserved areas. IPDC Finance Limited has setup a new road map considering the implementation of a set of new strategies for the upcoming years. These strategies include ‘A Home for Every Family’, ‘Empowering Women’, ‘Creating Entrepreneurs’, ‘Beyond Mega Cities’ and ‘Bring Convenience at Home’. In line with its vision to be the most passionate financial brand in the country, it has embraced a new logo and a pay off line “Jaago Ucchashe” that speaks loud of its perception behind the revamp of IPDC. IPDC not only promotes its offerings rather provide financial assistance by guiding the customers to reach the best fit for them in any FIs or banks. This way IPDC serves its customers to reach their goals conveniently and live their life unbound.

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