IPDC Shadinotar Sonchoy


  • Individual customer
  • Applicable for New funds only; not applicable for renewals
  • Minimum deposit amount 1,000,000/-
  • Minimum tenure 12 months (Interest to be paid at maturity)
  • Only one couple dinner coupon per account

Terms and conditions:

  • IPDC reserves the right to change, cancel, or alter any part of this campaign.
  • The interest rate or dinner offer can be changed at any time by IPDC.
  • The deposit amount will be automatically renewed at maturity at the prevailing card rate.
  • IPDC is not liable for any issues related to service or food or anything which will be provided by the dinning partner.
  • The deposit and its return are subject to government duty and taxes.
  • The deposit is regulated by regulatory regulations thus any regulatory directives supersedes the terms and conditions on this campaign.
  • The deposit must be kept for minimum 12 months, any early encashment will result in penalty as per product terms and conditions.
  • Up to 90% loan against the total deposit can be availed as per IPDC rate.
  • Minimum deposit amount is 1,000,000/-. Any higher amount will result in same rate of return.
  • Only one couple dinner coupon per account will be awarded.
  • Only individual / joint (not institutional) customer deposits are eligible to enroll in this campaign.