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Feni better than Dhaka

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  • October 2, 2017
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Once the dust settles in and the last of the rays start fading away, the dream talks to you. The dream of a nice, small house by the river. Soft murmurs of the crowd, drowned in the streams. Watching the sun set and reliving the whole life in rewind. That is the dream.

But we cave in to the sketched out routine of life and let that dream shrivel like a forlorn twig. But, what if, you CAN have it all? Add colors to your dream and tailor it just the way you want it?

Sitting by the river Feni, the city Feni is a lot more than what meets the eye. You might have caught a glimpse of the city highways on the way to Chittagong or Cox’s Bazaar or other popular hilly destinations. If you are an avid trekker, you might know the city a little better as you rushed to another new-found waterfall. As you had your eyes set on all these promised adventures and stories, you missed out on Feni. The retro buildings in Station Road, down-to-earth people, the entire College Road reeking with nostalgia from the ancient Lokkhi Narayan Oil Mill- you missed it all. This is the city where the roads are still teeming with fireflies from the ‘harikens’ dangling by the rickshaws. A city that wakes up relishing the first breeze from the idyllic ‘Bijoy Singho’ lake. With the recent touch of urbanization in Masterpara, Daktarpara, Feni is robust and full of life in its streets. Starting from the nostalgic Academy Road to the posh SSK Road, day by day new businesses are investing in Feni, helping the city to thrive in its own grandeur. Relatively new to the experience of a booming city, the locals are loving every bit of it. The city offers everything that one can hope for a smooth, slick lifestyle. With Multiplexes and commercial buildings rising in the pivotal spots around the city, the almost no-risk town is now booming with possibilities!

But the true beauty of Feni lies in its balance. The city still manages to look all retro and beautiful in its own way throughout all these constant construction developments. As the people are surely reaching out for the finer lines of life, they are not leaving the past behind. Just take a walk down the evergreen Trunk Road or any road for instance. As you hear the distant murmuring of verses by the lamp, you will also find families rushing in and out the shopping malls with the joy of life etched in their faces. And just like that, the city manages to remain the perfect balance between a nostalgic respite and a beckoning future.

 So, step in and add building blocks to shaping that dream of yours!


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Feni better than Dhaka

Once the dust settles in and the last of the rays start fading away, the dream talks to you. The dream of a nice, small house by the river. Soft murmurs of


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