We have seen many, with capes and horns, with eyes and knives, on TVs and sites, every day and every night. But some share the same roof as we do, who caress and nurture us when we are down, bound by the earthy tiredness and tied by dire illnesses.

Lady Unbound are the women who live unbound no matter the circumstances. The torch bearers who guide the way for others, who make every blink matter, who shape the cities and build their own homes, who live in the power and joy of being women.

IPDC takes immense pride in bestowing more power to these LADY UNBOUND, and hence all our offers are offers are designed with essence of Women around

Jaago Naritter Ucchashe 

Lady Unbound
Service Offer * Contacts
Service of Any AmountDedicated Relationship manager
( Your financial friend)
  • +8801771974174

  • +8801712530230

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  • +8801706040220
Auto LoanFree Driving Lesson from BRAC Driving School
(First ever in Bangladesh)
Loan and Deposit worth
BDT 10 Lacs and above
Complimentary Dinner at Radisson Blu with companion
(A splendid experience)

*Valid till 30 April 2017

Free consultancy for woman entrepreneur with notion and vision of unbound possibilities.

Feel free to contact us at +8801708492944

Future Privilege

"We do not limit our responsibility to present only; we take the safe upbringing of your girl child as our responsibility. Spark, our special scheme that matures at the age of 18 & starts as late as 7th year gives your child higher return and insurance coverage. "

* Coming soon

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