Passion is the difference between having a job or having a career. This is when you discover who you are.



Create success story with IPDC Finance Limited. Witness yourself the journey of your career molding effortlessly with your skills and aptitude. The challenging climate of IPDC Finance Limited will act as a catalyst to your efforts to go beyond your limitation and deliver performance that is not only well recognized and celebrated but also recognized under our top-notch reward system of the organization.



IPDC is more like a hub of warm professionals than a workplace going by the unconventional ways of getting work done. We amalgamate the synergies from our diversified workforce budding from different background, organisation, race and religion. We believe that strength lies in differences not similarities.



We foster our employees to reach the zenith of their performance by continually refining their skills and approach to let them enjoy the experience of learning. With IPDC Finance Limited, be assured of a sustainable career with vast learning scope internally as well overseas. We let our employees take calculated risk to own every possible opportunity. We believe in a competitive compensation package that follows regular benchmarking with not only pays and perks but also fair recognition and award system for the employees who goes an extra mile.


We lay more importance to the attitude of our potential candidates than the skills that can be polished under our amicable colleagues and management that you will seldom find in any other organization.